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An Elephant Never Forgets - The Meaning of This Idiom and its Origins

The idiom 'an elephant never forgets' is commonly used when referring to someone who 
has an excellent memory.

Example: A friend asked how I was able to remember his shoe size after I bought him a 
pair that fit perfectly. "An elephant never forgets," I told him.

As the saying goes, an elephant never forgets. Is that really true, though? Well, this phrase 
sounds more like an exaggeration than it does accurate. While I very much doubt that 
elephants can remember things perfectly, the memories of these animals are believed to be 
very good. For example, there are reports of elephants being able to remember people or other animals they've been with before, even well after a decade of separation.

Thus this phrase, while an exaggeration, may come from the reputation elephants have of being intelligent animals. The earliest I could find of this idiom in print is from the Wagga Wagga Advertiser newspaper, February 1883:

    "And depend upon it such ill-used men like the Delhi elephant, never forget the sting, and seize the first 
     available opportunity for bespattering the reporters with mud."

Additionally, there apparently is an older expression I've seen mentioned that goes 'a camel never forgets an injury.' While I've never heard of this particular expression before, if the term did indeed exist in the past, then it may be that the phrase 'an elephant never forgets' derived from it, because the wording of both of these expressions are certainly similar.
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