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Behold! A bunch of giantwhite letters just sitting up there waiting for you to click on them. Really though, the letters are much more than decoration, because behind each letter is a list of phrases, and behind each phrase is a page that has information pertaining to its potential origins. Isn't that cool? Eh, I guess.

I try to make this clear as often as I can, and it's important to know: When it comes to the origins of a phrase, tracing the roots for the majority of them is impossible. What you'll find are the popular theories that many believe are plausible for how a phrase may have originated, but it's not a certainty. One of the interesting things you'll find on this website is how far back some of these sayings go, and how time has impacted their meanings, if at all.

So on that note, I should mention that phrases are being added at my own pace, which pretty much means whenever I feel like it! If you're not able to find a saying you were looking for, don't worry, I may get to it eventually!
Know Your Phrases and Idioms!
Know Your Phrases and Idioms!